Here are some images from Last night show Fear Fest, A Mini Exhibition Curated by my good friend gogoporen, The exhibition will still be going for 2 week, so see it while you can.  

Here some info to the show. Happy Halloween !



Here's a little update of Bounty Hunter Sketch and thumbnail, i'm planning to do more of the thumbnail i'll try to reach 100 thumbnail or maybe 1000, i did this sketch in between work its really fun to experiment and jump from painting to line drawing, hope you guys dig it, i'll post more stuff soon


Garga Muni

A little Drawing i did during free time, Just want to announce you guys a little project of mine with some of my friend , Bajka its a Clothing Company we tell Tales with T-Shirt and Prints as our Medium Right now its all under development, but if you like to purchase some stuff you can already do that,
i'm really Excited with this project, So keep your eyes open. we'll post fun stuff soon, And mark your calendar on January!